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LSU Atlanta's 2012 Chick-Fil-A Bowl Fan Guide


Get ready to have great time in the ATL! The official bowl website has all of the usual scheduled activities, but your LSU Atlanta alumni chapter has arramged to have an Official Tailgate Bar just steps from CNN Center for traveling Tigers and locals to meet and mingle.  We have a Sunday night throwdown to welcome everyone...and check out our 4 Star Recommendation for the best place to eat downtown with a $4 discount.  Plus a few tips about how to get around and enjoy your visit and another big LSU Football victory.


Park Bar is LSU Atlanta's Official Downtown/Tailgate Bar

This year, the recently opened Park Bar is THE place for LSU fans to party and it's only a one minute walk from CNN Center!  It is located at the corner of Centennial Olympic Park Drive and Walton Street, directly across from the park and one short block from the Omni Hotel and CNN Center.  It has two floors with a bar on each level and an outdoor deck overlooking the park and all the action.  If you get hungry, they have an outstanding kitchen with a kicked up menu and there is a Subway right next door for cheap eats.  What you will really appreciate is that Park Bar has the best drink prices anywhere near the Georgia Dome, including their now famous 3-2-1 Special (Triple shots for the price of a Double in One glass.)  Not only will your dollar go farther, Park Bar will be donating a portion of all sales Sunday and Monday to the LSU Atlanta Scholarship Endowment Fund, so they are a true supporter of LSU! Why pay too much at another bar that doesn't care squat about LSU after you leave town?

Welcome Party and "REAL Tigers Trivia Contest" Sunday, Dec. 30th at Park Bar

Join us on Sunday night for our Welcome Party. Be upstairs around 10 pm for some organized crazy featuring the incomparable Evil Twins, stars of LSU Stage, TV Screens and Taillgates.  LSU Atlanta's Mike A. Tiger will serve as Cajun interpreter and you never know who else might show up.  There will be a "REAL Tigers Trivia Contest" and lots of prize giveaways including Tigermania gear and online gift cards, Community Coffee goodies and more!  Everyone upstairs will get a free prize drawing ticket just for showing up!  As the Evil Twin always say, "IT'S GONNA GET UGLY!!"

Game Day / New Year's Eve 

Park Bar will open at 10 am and will stay open late after the game to celebrate victory into the New Year with no cover charge and last call at 2:30 am.  There are several ticketed New Year's events around town but this is the perfect and affordable before and after game party place for LSU fans.  

Pre Game Southern Buffet Lunch and Drink Specials at Pittypat's Porch

Mike A. Tiger: Gotta Love Those Aggie Jokes
Exhibit 1 of 2,345,812 for Why Aggie Jokes Exist (Unretouched photo)
Mike A. Tiger Football Blog: Why Worry in Death Valley at Night?

"There are 3 kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." - Benjamin Disraeli

Mike A. Tiger Football Blog: Still Not Worried

Mike A. Tiger Football Blog: "What, Me Worry?"

   Oh, my, how long have I been asleep??  

Mike A. Tiger's Football Blog: Miles Out-Sabaned Nicky

Unless you are a fan of flag football, Saturday's slugfest in Tuscaloosa lived up to the hype as the Game of the Century. So that means people who follow Conference USA and similar non-SEC conferences either thought the game was boring or they came away with the opinion that neither Bama nor LSU have offenses worth a  hoot.

Mike A Tiger's Football Blog: Al Abama - 2 Inconvenient Truths

This is crazy.  

I've never seen this kind of hype, but the SEC has never seen this kind of #1 vs. #2 in regular season.  Ever.  The buzz is everywhere, the hype is ratcheting up each day exponentially like the Richter Scale.  So what more can little ole me say about the game than what you can read and see on all of the regular media and the Internet?  

Plenty! There are two "inconvenient truths" that few have brought up in all of this hype, and here they are:

Mike A Tiger's Auburn Football Blog: Kombat, Korndogs and Karma

Here we Geaux again: Hide the kids, lock up the womenfolk and throw out the record books. Auburn is coming to play. 
Mike A Tiger's Football Blog: Forrest Gump Invented the Corn Dog...Sort Of


First time I heard that I didn't even know it was directed at an LSU fan.  Even after it was clear the opposing fan was taking his finger out of his nose long enough to point and compare me to a battered mystery meat log on a stick, it just didn't make any sense.  

Well, count on your buddy Mike A. Tiger to hunt down the truth of the matter, and it evokes the Forrest Gumpism that "Stupid is as stupid does."  So here is the real story of the corn dog reference and how it came to be.  And why those Tiger fans who know the history are laughing even harder about it now.

Mike A Tiger's Football Blog: Moo U

Mike A. Tiger here.  Been busy prowling the jungle and mending from a nasty case of carpel paw syndrome. So I'm back for now and my blogs will be briefer than the past because Mrs. A. Tiger wants me to spend more time cleaning my cage.  And because I figger if I make them half as long I'll get half the complaints.