Scholarship Recipient Makes the Grade with Tiger Band

Andrew Pate is one of the three lucky LSU freshman from Georgia that received financial aid from LSU Atlanta's Scholarship Endowment Fund in 2012. To say he's making the most of it is a resounding understatement.

One reason Andrew desired to go to LSU was to be a part of the Golden Band From Tigerland.  The drummer originally was told that his favored line position (quads) were filled, but that tryouts would be held for bass drum.  Andrew took the leap of faith, enrolled at LSU and was rewarded with membership in the LSU Tiger Band.

 Andrew's first march from band hall to Victory Hill
"It's been a big blur, but so much fun," he told us last week. It didn't sink in until the first game that I'm in the group that taps the bass drum for the famous Pregame band entrance. "It was a bit scary but it was also an awesome experience, hard to put into words!"  
Andrew graduated from Mill Creek High School in Hoschton, Ga. and plans to major in environmental engineering.  Hitting the books is a priority, but for now Andrew is enjoying all of the things most freshmen discover about LSU.  But in this case, the young man is as close to the heart "beat" of LSU as a person can get, swinging a mallet on the bass drum in the best college marching band in the country.
Above: Andrew Pate performs pregame- he's the tallest bass drummer on the left.
"The band culture is amazing.  There's so much history and tradition.  And I already have so many friends it's crazy," he says. "There was even a tradition about my specific bass drum position, an unwritten music part that has been handed down from drumline to drumline through the years. How cool is that?"

Very cool, Andrew.  Just keep that beat steady and march clean.  As the band manual once jokingly advised, "If you make a mistake on the field, RESIGN FROM THE UNIVERSITY!"  Something tells us his steps will be true and he will make LSU Atlanta proud to have supported his quest to attend the Ole War Skule. 

- Del Moon