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Official Notice: Annual Meeting 1/28


To All Active Dues Paying Members of LSU Atlanta:


WELCOME ALL TIGER FANS!  Get ready to have a good time and cheer LSU chasing the UGA Dawgs under the porch on their way to the BCS Championship Game!  Here are recommended events, tips and links to official activities from the LSU Atlanta alumni chapter.  Win SEC Championship Tickets, Tigermania and Firefly Sweet Tea prizes and have a great time as we host our traveling Tigers in the ATL.
A Note About Football Tickets

Since the Bama beatdown we have had several emails and contacts with board members about whether LSU Atlanta will be able to make SEC Championship tickets available.




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Mike A. Tiger's Football Blog: Miles Out-Sabaned Nicky

Unless you are a fan of flag football, Saturday's slugfest in Tuscaloosa lived up to the hype as the Game of the Century. So that means people who follow Conference USA and similar non-SEC conferences either thought the game was boring or they came away with the opinion that neither Bama nor LSU have offenses worth a  hoot.

Mike A Tiger's Football Blog: Al Abama - 2 Inconvenient Truths

This is crazy.  

I've never seen this kind of hype, but the SEC has never seen this kind of #1 vs. #2 in regular season.  Ever.  The buzz is everywhere, the hype is ratcheting up each day exponentially like the Richter Scale.  So what more can little ole me say about the game than what you can read and see on all of the regular media and the Internet?  

Plenty! There are two "inconvenient truths" that few have brought up in all of this hype, and here they are:

Mike A Tiger's Auburn Football Blog: Kombat, Korndogs and Karma

Here we Geaux again: Hide the kids, lock up the womenfolk and throw out the record books. Auburn is coming to play. 
Mike A Tiger's Football Blog: Forrest Gump Invented the Corn Dog...Sort Of


First time I heard that I didn't even know it was directed at an LSU fan.  Even after it was clear the opposing fan was taking his finger out of his nose long enough to point and compare me to a battered mystery meat log on a stick, it just didn't make any sense.  

Well, count on your buddy Mike A. Tiger to hunt down the truth of the matter, and it evokes the Forrest Gumpism that "Stupid is as stupid does."  So here is the real story of the corn dog reference and how it came to be.  And why those Tiger fans who know the history are laughing even harder about it now.

Mike A Tiger's Football Blog: “WVU: Where Greatness is Learned and Couches are Burned”

Every college has its football traditions, and West Virginia has the claim to fame for couch burning. Maybe I should say it’s their claim to flame.  No kidding, when you look up “couch burning” in the Urban Dictionary, WVU is in the definition. Supposedly it started with frat boys setting fire to trash dumpsters after big wins, but that was not sparktacular enough.  An unknown group of Country Rhodes Scholars, intoxicated with victory and moonshine, had a real spark of hillbilly genius and dragged an old couch into the middle of the road.  Finally, they had a tradition to call their own.  And created a grassroots furniture recycling program. The Salvation Army Thrift store there is not happy.